Summer Mini-Vacations Now Available

Summer Mini-Vacations

According to research, some families may find it difficult to arrange a summer vacation for a full week this year due to the economic downturn and job restrictions. Pollsters and data miners have found that most of these families would, however, be able to take a “mini-vacation” this summer of four or five nights instead of the usual weekly family holiday.

Century 21 Thomas is currently accepting reservations in many rental homes, villas and condominiums for stays as short as four nights this June, July and August. The hope is that this will provide an opportunity for families to still plan and enjoy a summer beach vacation and spend some much needed quality time together. An additional benefit is that it will help fill some open weeks for our homeowners, making it a win/win situation for everybody.

If guests are able to spend more than four nights, they’re in for some economic relief, too! In most cases, we have made our weekly rates equal to the total normally charged for a five-night stay. That’s right – you can stay for seven nights for the regular daily rate for five days and sometimes even less.

Summer reservations for less than a week can only be made by telephone at this time. So, if you want see just how much fun you can pack into four nights or more this summer, call and reserve your summer vacation today.

Call toll-free 1-866-714-1669.

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