Vacation Rental FAQ

FAQ about your North Myrtle Beach vacation with Century 21 Thomas

How do I make a reservation?
Easy! Enter a few preferences – dates, number of bedrooms wanted, and any other items to narrow your search. Then choose a few of the homes, villas and/or condos you like best. Check their real-time availability online and book it while it’s available.

What does it cost to make the reservation?
Your initial payment equals ½ of the total rental plus any special services you include and the optional vacation insurance premium. When booking by telephone via our reservations staff, the payment is due within seven days by Visa, MasterCard or check (if received at least 30 days prior to arrival). When reserving online, this payment is due by Visa or MasterCard at the time of booking. Your balance is due in full at least one month prior to arrival.

Will I need to bring linens?
Guests have the option of bringing their own bed & bath linens or adding a convenient linen package. Each year, more guests are choosing to add bed & bath linens to their vacation rental.

The biggest downside to bringing your own linens? Sheets & pillowcases for all your beds and an ample supply of bath towels could take up as much room in your car as your luggage – coming AND going. Be sure to call us and add a convenient bed & bath linen package to your vacation rental.

What if I’ll be arriving late?
Our guest services/front desk is open until 5PM Monday through Saturday and from noon until 5PM Sundays. Late arrivals are not uncommon. If you will be arriving after 5PM, just call and let us know. If your balance has been paid, we’ll be happy to make arrangements for you to pick up keys. You will need to stop by our front desk the next morning to register.

When can I check in?
Check-in is at the office designated on your confirmation, beginning at 3:00 PM or as soon as the property has been cleaned, inspected, and deemed ready for occupancy. We may delay the check-in time for maintenance or special cleaning.

If you arrive before 3:00 PM, come by our office. We will take care of any paperwork and be happy to check the status of your accommodations. If your vacation rental is ready, we'll get you off to an early start for your beach holiday. Please be aware that some accommodations may not be ready until after 3PM.

When is check out?
Guests and their belongings must be out of the property by 10AM. We have a very short window of time in which properties must be cleaned and prepared for the arriving guests.

Where can I find more information about Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach?
Tons of information about the Myrtle Beach area’s
dining, entertainment, shopping, and attractions can be found on our website. Additionally, we have a regularly updated event calendar and “Fun Forecast” so you can see all the great stuff going on during your stay.

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