New Kids Area at Freestyle Music Park

"Kids in America" at the Freestyle Park

Freestyle Music Park announced the addition of the new “Kids in America” section to the theme park in Myrtle Beach, SC. Four new kids’ rides will be featured including:

  • “Life is a Highway” – a track ride in which families ride in the cab of an 18-wheeler. Cabs will have two seats for children and two for adults so the whole family can enjoy the ride around the track together.
  • “Get Off of My Cloud” – eight colorful balloons with baskets for riders can accommodate up to four adults and kids and offer a spectacular view of the park.
  • “Fly Like an Eagle” – allows a child and an adult to enjoy the sensation of soaring through the clouds in a kite flyer over the kids’ area.
  • “Wheels in the Sky” – peddle through the clouds in festive hang glider cars, swooping and swooshing along.

The “Kids in America” area will be rounded out with a roller coaster, a play area, a rock wall, basketball court, and a performance venue with a new themed kids’ show.

As planned, the redesigned Freestyle Music Park will be much more family-oriented and kid-friendly than its predecessor. The targeted opening is still set for Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Myrtle Beach Area Wildfire

With regards to the forest fire situation in our area...

North Myrtle Beach (the ocean-side of the Intracoastal Waterway) and our vacation rental properties remain unaffected and our guests are enjoying the warm weather, golf, shopping, and entertainment venues. If you are planning on coming to visit the beach soon, recent events should not interfere.

The containment of the fire is improving and, currently, the weather is calm with a slight breeze from the ocean. The weather is subject to change, of course, but the forecast is just about perfect for visiting.

Below you will find five website links. Two are to local news sites, one is to the North Myrtle Beach Chamber, one is to the Horry County website, and one is to the City of North Myrtle beach. All five, on their home pages, have information regarding the current situation and some even contain maps and videos. - local news on WMBF - local news on WPDE - North Myrtle Beach Chamber - Horry County government - City of North Myrtle Beach

If you are visiting our area in the near future you may wish to pay special attention to road access and temporary road closings. Particularly;

1) Highway 90 (between Conway and North Myrtle Beach) is closed in certain sections.

2) Highway 31 (which parallels the Intracoastal Waterway) is closed from Highway 90 to Grissom Parkway (Myrtle Beach)

3) Highway 22 (between Conway and North Myrtle Beach) is closed between Highway 90 and the Beach

US Highways 9 and 501 into our area, Highway 17 and all other coastal roadways, and Myrtle Beach International Airport, are unaffected at this time. Traffic is typical for this type of year.

True to form, the response from our community of businesses and individuals has been phenomenal. Those that lost homes have been accommodated, we have pulled together, and we continue to reach are out with high spirits while we address the matters at hand.

Please do not hesitate to call or write if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Best regards,
Century 21 Thomas

Spring Safari 2009

The Shaggers are here and more are on the way!

The S.O.S. Spring Safari begins today and continues for the next ten days as one of the largest “adult” beach parties on the east coast. With the theme of the Year of Anniversaries, this one celebrates 25 years since the Shag was designated the official State Dance of South Carolina.

Clubs all along Main Street in the Ocean Drive section of North Myrtle Beach will be blasting dance music both live and spun by local DJs. Much of the action will be found at Fat Harold’s Beach Club, Duck’s and Duck’s, Too!, the O.D. Arcade, Pirate’s Cove and the O.D. Beach Resort. Popular bands such as Sea Cruz, the Craig Woolard Band, the Fabulous Kays, Tim Clark Band, and Coastline will be performing at 2001 Nightlife and other venues.

The biggest Spring Safari event is the parade on Main Street, kicking off from the Kroger parking lot at 1PM Saturday the 25th. More than 100 shag clubs with over 14,000 members will be represented.

All through the festival, the O.D. clubs will be playing beach music, having special cookouts and promotional events. There will be dance competitions, workshops and lessons for beginners to intermediates will be available. Ages will run the gamut from pre-teens to the vastly “more experienced”. It's a sure bet that they'll all have loads of fun.

New Amusement Park in North Myrtle Beach

More Family Fun in North Myrtle Beach

A new beachside amusement park near the Main Street horseshoe is in the works for North Myrtle Beach. The new park would feature a Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, and lots of fun rides for kids. Plans include a Swing Tower, Carousel, Tilt-a-Whirl, Gravitron, Fun Slide, Kiddie Train, Teacups, and more. Park admission would be free and visitors would be charged for tickets on a per ride basis.

Although not yet named, the amusement park will be somewhat reminiscent of the one that was so popular in the same location back in the 50’s and 60’s – the Ocean Drive Pavilion. Many of our long-time visitors will remember lots of fun times at the old park and this would give their kids and grandchildren an opportunity to create even more wonderful memories.

The park will mostly rely on vacationing families who are staying in local hotels, condos and beach houses. In addition to rides, the developers plan to include arcade games and food concessions. The park could open as early as August 1st and would probably be open only through early September in its initial year. It would be open for its first full season in 2010.

New Name, New Rates for Hard Rock Park

Freestyle Music Park - It's More than Hard Rock!

The word is out and it’s official. The former Hard Rock Park is now Myrtle Beach’s own Freestyle Music Park. This will open the way for a major re-branding of the amusement park and many of its rides.

Many of the rides and restaurants are being renamed and new themes are being introduced into the mix. Part of the evolution includes the inclusion of many other music genres – country, beach music, pop, reggae, alt-country, disco and more. Rock & Roll will always be a major ingredient.

The biggest and most positive changes are the revised rates. Ticket prices will be much more affordable - $39.95 for adults and $29.95 for children 3-9 with free admission for kids 2 and younger. Season passes have been reduced to a modest $74.95 for adults and $44.95 for children.

The revamped amusement park has a brand new website, too,

See the full Sun-News article.