New Kids Area at Freestyle Music Park

"Kids in America" at the Freestyle Park

Freestyle Music Park announced the addition of the new “Kids in America” section to the theme park in Myrtle Beach, SC. Four new kids’ rides will be featured including:

  • “Life is a Highway” – a track ride in which families ride in the cab of an 18-wheeler. Cabs will have two seats for children and two for adults so the whole family can enjoy the ride around the track together.
  • “Get Off of My Cloud” – eight colorful balloons with baskets for riders can accommodate up to four adults and kids and offer a spectacular view of the park.
  • “Fly Like an Eagle” – allows a child and an adult to enjoy the sensation of soaring through the clouds in a kite flyer over the kids’ area.
  • “Wheels in the Sky” – peddle through the clouds in festive hang glider cars, swooping and swooshing along.

The “Kids in America” area will be rounded out with a roller coaster, a play area, a rock wall, basketball court, and a performance venue with a new themed kids’ show.

As planned, the redesigned Freestyle Music Park will be much more family-oriented and kid-friendly than its predecessor. The targeted opening is still set for Memorial Day holiday weekend.

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