Bird Watching at the Beach

Coastal Bird Watching

If you enjoy birding as a favorite way to relax and bond with nature, come to the South Carolina beaches and visit some of the local hot birding spots. With just a little luck and sharp eyes, you’ll likely see a wide variety of birds soaring including the bald eagle, our national emblem, as well as hawks and ospreys. On my last trip along the Intracoastal Waterway, I was fortunate enough to see four eagles' nests - and one was occupied by a stately eagle!

Huntington Beach State Park, with its three miles of undeveloped beaches and pristine salt marshes, is home to more than 300 recorded species of birds. Long considered one of the best birding spots in South Carolina, Huntington Beach is particularly known for migratory birds that flock to our area for the warmer Carolina waters.

Grab your field glasses and camera for a stroll along the park’s causeways to search the freshwater lagoon and salt marsh to observe the marsh birds and waterfowl. Get a bird’s eye view of hundreds of bird species from the lighthouse at Hunting Island State Park. Colorful painted buntings, slender terns and white egrets all make the park their home. And birders can spot skimmers, tanagers, orioles, pelicans, oystercatchers and wood storks. Egrets and herons also can be found in abundance at this prime birding destination. ~ some information from SCPRT

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