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Tips and Advice for Selecting a Beachfront Vacation Rental

Are you planning to rent a fabulous beachfront home for your family’s summer vacation in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? Whether you’re choosing a vacation rental in the mountains, lakeside, or by the ocean, it can be an exciting and difficult decision. The demand for oceanfront rental property has skyrocketed in recent years, making the decision even more challenging. When you’re looking for a beachfront or nearby rental home or condo, there are many things to consider before opening your wallet and committing your vacation funds.

Features and Amenities
You’ll find many different rental properties from which to choose, each with a variety of features and amenities. It is important to thoroughly research each potential rental home. Make a list of features that your family considers absolutely necessary for a fun vacation. Depending on your family’s interests, some features to consider include: a fully equipped kitchen, swimming pool, hot tub, lazy river, game room, big screen and/or multiple TVs, DVD players, WIFI, and view.

Photos – Inside & Out
An abundance of photos of your potential vacation home should be available and are essential for making a good decision. When there are very few or even zero photos of a property, it’s like trying to decide while wearing a blindfold. Good photos can help prevent unpleasant surprises upon arrival at the rental home you have selected. After you’ve narrowed your decision, be sure to ask about other important items such as cleaning fees, upfront deposits, pet policies, and any limitations or restrictions that the owner or agent might have.

Location, Location, Location
Another key question to ask… “Exactly where is this rental home in regards to the beach?” Some vacation rental companies will stretch the truth about how far away from the beach their property actually is. Proximity to the beach, restaurants, shopping, and area attractions could be very helpful in deciding on your vacation headquarters. If the owner or agent seems uninterested in answering your questions, it is probably best to look for other vacation rental options. A good, trustworthy property owner or agent will be happy to answer any additional questions that you have.

He Said… She Said
Look for online reviews and comments that can give you an idea of experiences of others with the rental company you’re considering. List the negative and the positive aspects of the vacation rentals you’ve chosen. This will help you decide wisely when it’s time to reserve your dream vacation home.

Vacation Specials
Once you are satisfied with your choice, check for any applicable vacation specials and/or deals. In this economy, there are often specials available to entice potential guests with discounted rates or attractive “perks” such as tickets or coupons for shows, amusements, golf or other activities.

Timing... Now or Later?
“Should I reserve early or wait for a vacation sale?” It all depends on what’s important to you. Keep in mind that the better, more popular vacation rentals are taken the quickest. To make sure you get the home or condo in the right location with all the bedrooms and features you desire, it’s nearly always best to reserve early. If budget is the top priority and you’ll be satisfied with your second or third tier choices, then waiting for a price drop might be right for you.

You’ll find that doing as much research as possible before booking will help you get a beach vacation rental home with all the features that you want, all the space you need, and at a rate you can afford. With proper planning, your vacation rental home will more likely meet or even exceed your expectations!

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