Pirate's Voyage... Myrtle Beach's Newest Attraction

It's Buccaneers instead of Belles at Pirates Voyage.

Have you heard the latest? The spirit of the infamous pirate Blackbeard is returning to the Carolina coast! After a successful run of 19 seasons, Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede has undergone an amazing $11 Million transformation to become the newest Myrtle Beach attraction - Pirates Voyage. The booming summer vacation season will just be getting underway as this spectacular show changes its theme from plantations and southern belles to pirate's treasure and sword fights. The grand opening is set for June 3rd.

For those who are not too savvy on pirate history, Edward Teach - better known as Blackbeard - was one of the most notorious pirates and he roamed the Carolina coast from 1716 through 1718. A shrewd villian, he avoided the use of force when possible and relied on his fearsome image instead.

Why is he special to South Carolina? In May of 1718, Blackbeard's ships and crews blockaded the port of Charleston, stopping and looting all vessels entering or leaving. He continued the blockade and thievery for nearly a week in Charleston before sailing north to Topsail Island in North Carolina - passing just off the coast of what is now Myrtle Beach's Grand Strand.

The last ship he captured, Queen Anne's Revenge, was a short-lived prize for Mr. Teach as it became grounded on the shoals of Beaufort Inlet. It was a tremendous loss to Blackbeard of both ship and captured goods. Only six months later, his voyages were ended and he and his crew were no more.

The new Pirates Voyage will give you a glimpse into the pirate life and Blackbeard's roaming of the Carolina waters. The venue that was once the stomping grounds of show horses is now a 15-foot deep lagoon where ships will unfurl crimson and sapphire sails as they battle for treasure and booty. You'll have grand seats where you can spy all of the action as you are served a five-course Pirate's Feast with your choice of "Half O' Roasted Clacker" (chicken) or "Crispy Fried Shrimp" and the buccaneer's favorite dessert, "Apple O' Me Eye Pie".

So, grab your pirate hat and eye patch and set sail for Pirates Voyage. For tickets, call 1-800-433-4401 or visit them on the web at www.piratesvoyage.com. Go to Facebook, "Like" their page, and enter their drawing for a chance to win tickets and meet Dolly!

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