Plan a Perfect Reunion at the Beach

Let's Meet at the Beach!

Do you miss seeing all of your family members? Do the family reunions you try to plan never really come together? Perhaps you never found the right location. Look no further; make your next reunion a rousing success by following these simple tips. Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach are prime locations for hosting family reunions. First of all, the name says it best… you’ll have the BEACH! Plus, your group will have a myriad of additional exciting attractions, amazing entertainment venues, wonderful dining and shopping opportunities, and more. You can be assured your group will have a full and fun experience. But before we venture off into the specifics of what our area offers, let’s start with some tips on how to plan a fantastic family reunion.

Tip #1. Use your reunion location’s chamber of commerce or convention and visitors bureau to assist with your planning. They provide an incredible amount of information, can assist you in checking rates, and provide helpful visitor guides. Not only are their services free, you can get all you need in one stop. Just check out their websites and see for yourself.

Tip #2. Before you jump ahead to decide all the attractions you would like to enjoy, be timely about reserving your lodging. We suggest trying one or more of our super spacious vacation homes or villas. This way you can ensure you have a headquarters for your reunion that will comfortably accommodate all your family members. Once you have confirmed the “where”, everything else gets easier. Remember, the sooner you book the rental, the sooner you can start planning all the activities. One of the perks of acting as the group leader is that you can always stake your claim to the bedroom of your choice. And, it makes it so much easier on the rest of the family.

Tip #3. Get everyone involved. You can create committees and delegate various tasks and responsibilities to other family members. This not only spreads out the work but gives everyone a sense of unity in making the event a success. Consider forming committees to research family history, to coordinate travel, accounting, to preserve the event via photos and videos, and to research and recommend attractions and entertainment.

Tip #4. Plan your group’s activities. There will be a nearly endless list of things to do but not everyone will want to do everything. Find out things that everyone would like to partake in and you’ll be more successful creating the ultimate family reunion. Your clan may prefer a picnic and day trip to Brookgreen Gardens, a fun-filled day at a Water Park, an evening at a professional baseball game, time on the beach, local musical shows, or serious retail therapy. There are lots of opportunities to do things together that are FREE. Have some laughs and create some great memories by using your family members as the entertainment. Host a family talent show, tell stories, sing karaoke, or spend time doing interesting arts and crafts.

Tip #5. Decide on a theme. Keep it simple - something easy like a beach or tropical theme. Not only can you participate in beach activities and have fun in the sun, you can take advantage of all the surrounding attractions near the beach. Take these tips into consideration when you start organizing your family reunion and you should have smooth sailing.

Speaking of sailing and smooth segues, you’ll find a host of exciting water activities your family can enjoy during your reunion. We can recommend several sites that offer parasailing, banana boat and speedboat rides, and eco-tours, and more. The guided Jet Ski Dolphin Tour lets you see Dolphins up close after a fun trip shredding through the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway.

For more fun with live animals, there are two attractions that are perfect for you. Alligator Adventure at Barefoot Landing has live shows where you can watch in amazement as 15 foot gators leap from the water to clamp down on dinner dangling above them. They also hold lectures and teach you how to handle alligators or snakes. You’ll be able to touch the animals, get your photograph taken with them, and have any questions answered by their highly trained staff.

For something really different and exciting, try a trek to the T.I.G.E.R.S. Preservation Station. It features some of the world’s rarest tigers and you can see them up-close and un-caged. You can get even closer, with the option of cuddling up with a cub and having your picture taken while they crawl on your lap.

For even more fun and “hands on” thrills, take the T.I.G.E.R.S. Wild Encounter Tour, located just south of Myrtle Beach airport. You can interact with uncaged apes, chimpanzees, and orangutans. While on this guided walk through the breathtaking 50-acre preserves you will meet Bubbles, the 4-ton lovable elephant, along with an array of other animals. You may even have an encounter with a real LIGER, the largest cat on record (a liger is the cross between a male lion and female tiger).

Get involved with our local history with a spine-chillin’, spooky, supernatural twist. Ghosts and Legends at Barefoot Landing will provide a unique experience whether you opt for the Ghost Walk, the Ghost Show, Blackbeard’s Séance, or the Psychic Walk. Embark on a journey to hear fascinating tales from “other” and enjoy moonlit excursions accompanied by friendly, knowledgeable guides.

If you prefer not to be bound to the ground, try a helicopter ride for a change of pace. Accommodating up to four passengers per flight, the scenic rides capture the beach’s grand beauty from above. A helicopter ride might not be a traditional family reunion experience, but it could certainly be an unforgettable one.

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