It's Cool to Keep it Clean!

Low-Impact Beach Vacationing is Great for the Environment and Everyone.

That's right... it's very cool to NOT leave your mark on the beach. Keeping our wonderful beach clean and beautiful takes a lot of effort from everybody. The City of North Myrtle Beach does an excellent job of raking and cleaning the beach early every morning so you and your family can enjoy playing and relaxing by the surf. Receptacles are conveniently placed every few hundred yards near the dune line so there's no excuse for leaving trash on the beach.

Please take a few minutes before you leave the beach each day to make sure you're not leaving any water bottles, beverage cans, or other trash behind. Enjoy those tasty, frozen treats you purchase from the beach vendors but please don't leave the containers and plastic spoons on the sand when you leave. Make the short stroll and drop it all in the nearby trash can. Your effort will make a difference and is truly appreciated. It may even set an example for those around you, too!

The City has a few newer regulations to make your beach time better and safer. Due to the increased use of canopies, tents and other large shading devices on the beach, new rules are in place to prevent them from interfering with public safety and emergency rescue personnel from having swift access to people who may need assistance on the beach or in the water. Shading devices may not be set up on the beach before 8 AM and must be removed from the beach by 7 PM daily. Detailed information can be found online.

Beach walks are some of the most pleasant ways to unwind and exercise. In the summer, you'll often see me and an amazing number of families, couples and singles out enjoying a stroll by the ocean... especially in the evening when it's cooler. Make some time and take a walk - relax and listen to the surf, check out the moon, stars and planets. 

Life's a beach... stay cool.