Taking the Perfect North Myrtle Beach Vacation

Taking the Perfect North Myrtle Beach Vacation.
A vacation should be relaxing and fun! It's a time to share with your family and friends while you leave your "real life" behind. To ensure you have the vacation of your dreams, try these tips and tricks. Your vacation is sure to be fantastic and after it's over, you'll be counting the days until your next beach trip to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!
RESEARCH - Take the time to research your destination. While checking the weather is a MUST, you can't predict what it will do. Be sure you have plenty of activity choices in case of "less than perfect" weather so no one is disappointed. Check out these great options for your North Myrtle Beach vacation.

PICKING THE PERFECT LOCATION - When planning your beach vacation, where you stay is very important...whether it's oceanfront or within a short walking distance. Your location can be key to a great vacation.

EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A SAY - Let everyone in your family or group give their opinion of things and activities they would like to do at the vacation destination. When everyone contributes ideas, the chances of fun are even better. Remember - one person can't or shouldn't do it all. Make it a group effort.

COUPON BOOKS - When you arrive at your hotel, condo, or beach house, ask the friendly check-in staff for a coupon book. You can find some great ideas with money saving deals.

SUNSCREEN - Avoid sunburns. It doesn't matter if you think you already have a good base tan or claim you never burn. Don't overdo it - especially the first day. Have plenty of sunscreen with the proper SPF to protect your skin from UV RAYS. You want to look sun kissed - not sun poisoned. 

BABY POWDER - For those who dislike having sand on your feet when you leave the beach, do as locals do.  Keep a big bottle of baby powder in your beach bag. Once you're ready to pack it up, put some baby powder on your feet or wherever you have sand and it magically wipes away from your body. It's amazing!

There are lots of things that go into planning and taking the ideal beach vacation. These are just a few of the things we encourage you to think about. Once you're here, leave your worries behind, enjoy the sunshine and escape to your happy place.

Check out this great video and start planning your dream vacation today!