Celebrate Father's Day With Thomas Beach Vacations in North Myrtle Beach

Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and honoring fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in their children's lives. Father's Day is celebrated on June 15 in 2014, the third Sunday of June. There are more than 70 million fathers in the United States today, while 24.7 million fathers were part of married-couple families with children younger than 18 in 2013.

On July 19, 1910, the governor of the U.S. state of Washington proclaimed the nation’s first "Father’s Day." However, it took 58 years for the day to became a nationwide holiday, being officially recognized in 1972 by president Nixon. Its origins may lie in a memorial service held for a large group of men, many of them fathers, who were killed in a mining accident in Monongah, West Virginia in 1907.

Father's Day Poem

Dads need a few days out of the house and Father's Day is one of the best opportunities. Many places in North Myrtle Beach area are offering discounted activities for dads and the rest of the family as well. Dads often get the short end of the stick when it comes to Father's Day. This year you can make a difference, create wonderful bonding moments, and depart from the boring coffee mug or necktie gifts. When trying to think of fun activities, ideas or presents to give Dad on Father’s Day remember to keep the focus on him. North Myrtle Beach area has plenty to offer, making it easy to make plans around his favorite hobby, sport or activity.


If dad loves to play baseball, consider going to local baseball game with the family or organize a pick-up game with friends. The best place for a game of baseball is the Pelican's Stadium in Myrtle Beach. Head to the baseball stadium and set yourself ready for cotton candy, peanuts, hot dogs, ice cream, beer for the grown-ups, and watch some good baseball.



There is no father-son time like golf-time whether you are just hitting balls on a range or playing out on the course. Giving father the game of golf is a gift that will keep on giving, especially in the North Myrtle Beach area, home of over 85 golf courses. Check out our website for details, rates and more information on multi-round golf specials we offer. Your dad will love teaching you some golfing techniques while catching up with you about life in general.

Father and son golfing togethe


Father's Day is the perfect time to give your dad an experience he's always wanted: take a flying leap out of an airplane! Whether you or your dad is a thrill-seeking adventurer or not, Skydive Myrtle Beach may have that special one-of-kind gift for dad that will ensure it will never be forgotten. Give Dad an experience and make this Father's Day the best yet.

Sky Diving


A bowling alley is one of the greatest bonding opportunities. North Myrtle Beach Bowling Center has been a great spot for family and friends to come together for great times since 1986. Located on 1105 Hwy 17 S in North Myrtle Beach, the bowling center  has a wide range of bowling, arcade games, daily drink specials, a snack bar, and an on-site Pro Shop. Spend the day learning some bowling techniques and enjoying time with your family!

Battleship North Carolina

Enjoy some great time onboard Battleship North Carolina, located across the river from downtown Wilmington, only an hour away from North Myrtle Beach. All hands on deck! History comes alive onboard the battleship, taking father and son alike back in time to moments of action, heroism, and all-mighty glory. Tour the deck cannons, the lower decks, or the command center on the upper deck to get a glimpse of the life on board the first of ten fast battleships to join American fleet in World War II.

Battleship North Carolina

Horseback Riding

Give dad a  majestic and exhilarating experience and help him take in the breathtaking beauty of the North Myrtle Beach countryside on horseback. Wampee Stables is just 5 min from the ocean and Main St. in North Myrtle Beach. Just to help you out build great memories, the stables will take pictures of you and dad before heading out on the trails and even email you the pictures at no cost.


Take dad on a kayak tour and experience a unique adventure in the Cherry Grove Beach section of North Myrtle Beach. Choose from a scenic or a private island kayak tour with J & L Kayak Tours or bring your dad in the middle of the Heritage Shores Nature Preserve saltwater marsh with Great Escape Kayak Expeditions.

Father and son kayaking


Back in the good ole days you and dad used to love sharing a fishing trip. Dad loved listening to your stories and teaching you all of the tricks of the trade. Why not take a trip down memory lane and let dad coach you through a few casting tips again. North Myrtle Beach is the perfect place for that. Check our website for a list of great fishing and diving opportunities.

Kids fishing

Bring father to the beach for and epic Father's Day and build great memories together. Take this opportunity to check availability and reserve your North Myrtle Beach vacation rental home or condo. North Myrtle Beach has plenty of activities to make for a perfect Father's Day getaway, whether dad prefers to fish, golf, skydive, or relax on the beach. Remember, the best gift for Father's day is quality time spent together.

How To Enjoy a North Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental Home With Pool

Summer and swimming go hand in hand. Beach vacation homes with pools could be your family's ideal vacation getaway in North Myrtle Beach. Some days the ocean can displays a little more energy than kids can handle, sending big waves to crash on the beach. These days are the perfect opportunity to spend time at the pool and enjoy your own oasis at the beach!. The entire family can bask in the sunshine and cool off in the clear water right in the privacy of the rental beach house, free from the crowds. A vacation home with pool is safer than the louder, crowded hotel pools, allowing you to enjoy your time with your children without having to constantly worry.

Beach Vacation Home With Pool

Many people have learned to enjoy the best of both worlds: swim in the Atlantic ocean then return home for a quick plunge in the backyard pool. Thomas Beach Vacations offers many beach rental properties with pools in North Myrtle Beach (click here to see our list of beach vacation rentals with pools), but you have to hurry, as these vacation homes book quickly.

While focusing on having a great time, it is also  important to keep the children safe during the beach vacation. There is no such thing as being too cautious when  it comes to the safety of your children, so keep a few basic safety tips in mind before letting the children loose in the pool:
  • Have at least one adult supervising at all times and if you have rented a multi-family beach house with other friends, maintain a good ratio of adults to children. Make sure the adult who keeps an eye on the pool is not a thrill seeker who'll push the kids to take risks;
  • Keep the weaker swimmers on the shallow end and make sure they don't chase balls or other toys toward the deep end;
  • Don't use friends' swimsuits or gear. Personal items can carry harmful germs;
  • Do not allow rough play and no horseplay in and around the pool. Pushing, splashing and other boisterous play can easily get out of hand. It may also be hard to distinguish between squeals of delight and screams of panic;
  • Do not rely too much on inner tubes, noodles or other floating devices. They are just toys, not safety devices.
Child Safety in the Pool

There are many safe and enjoyable games to play with kids in the pool. Having a range of great pool toys on hand adds even more activities to the mix. With a few basic safety precautions and adult supervision, children can have fun for hours on end in the pool. Here are some family-friendly pool games that are sure to please the kids. So grab those goggles and water wings and remember, house rules apply.
  • Marco Polo - a pool game like hide and seek with a twist: the seeker has to keep his or her eyes closed while trying to find the other players only by the sound of their splashing and voices. The seeker has a secret weapon: when he or she says "Marco," all of the other players have to reply "Polo," so he or she will know where they are. The first Polo caught becomes Marco in the next round;
  • Sharks and Minnows - one person is the shark, and the rest of the players are minnows. The shark camps out in the middle of the pool, and when cued, the minnows dive in and try to make it past the shark. The game's over when all of the minnows have been snagged, and the first person caught becomes the shark in the next round;
  • Dolphin beach ball race - fun and easy to play, you need two inflated beach balls. Each The players must move from one end of the pool to the other using only their noses to push the balls along as they swim. The first player to reach the end of the pool is the winner. This game is also easily adapted into a relay race;
  • Diving for treasure - this is an especially good choice if you have smaller kids who want to be included. Anything that sinks can be a treasure, just make sure the items are not sharp, they are not made of glass, and they will not stain the pool surface. "Bury" some treasures in the shallow end for the little kids. Make it easier for small children by providing swim goggles and fins. The game doesn't even have to be a competition if you have enough treasure for everyone who's playing;
  • Pool basketball - use a poolside basketball hoop or improvise with a plastic trash can. If you have two hoops, you can play "full court," otherwise just play "half court" games. You might want to have a rule that players can only hold onto the ball for five seconds before they have to either shoot or pass;
  • Pool volleyball - a net or even a string stretched across the pool can quickly turn it into a volleyball court. Divide into teams, and use an inflated beach ball as a volley ball. Switch back and forth so each team gets to use the shallow end and no one team is treading water at the deep end for the entire game.
Vacation Rentals with Pools

Here is a comprehensive list of beach vacation rentals with pools in North Myrtle Beach, beautiful vacation beach house with fabulous pool, gorgeous panoramic views, conveniently located a short walk to the beach. Rent one of these beach houses and relax poolside, work on your tan, and enjoy the refreshing water whenever you want.

Myrtle Beach Spring Bike Rally 2014

This spring we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the nation’s fourth oldest biker rally, the original Myrtle Beach bike rally. The Rally started in May 1940 when North Carolina bikers rode to Myrtle Beach to drag race with South Carolina bikers. This year is set to be a record breaker. The events include two rallies spread over three weekends:

  • Harley-Davidson Rally: May 9-18, 2014, with events scattered across the Grand Strand from North Myrtle Beach to Murrells Inlet;
  • Atlantic Beach Bikefest: takes place over Memorial Day weekend May 23-26, 2014, with the largest concentration of the traffic focused on the Atlantic Beach area.

The main dealership, Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson, located at 4710 S. Kings Hwy. in Myrtle Beach, hosts it’s annual “Crusin’ The Coast” Spring Bike Rally between May 12-18.
Click here for a detailed list of Myrtle Beach Spring Bile Rallies events and locations.

Harley Davidson

This year marks more than just a record participation. For the first time the riding crowd is younger, with guys that are 20-21 years old hanging out with biker-veterans in their 70s. Another remarkable aspect: bikers are no longer taking Hwy 31 to ride from Murrells Inlet to North Myrtle Beach, venturing their Harleys directly through Myrtle Beach instead. Their presence in the heart of Myrtle Beach delights many business owners, and they are happy to welcome them into their stores.

Bike Rally Popular Locations

Here are a few major venues for the Harley Davidson Rally, hosting some of the most important events of the rally:

Bikers Myrtle Beach
Image courtesy: www.motorcycle-usa.com

Weather Forecast

On average, the month of May is characterized by rising daily high temperatures, with daily highs increasing from 76°F to 82°F over the course of the month, exceeding 89°F or dropping below 69°F only one day in ten (source: weatherspark.com).
weather forecast bike week
Source: weather.com

Atlantic Beach Bikefest

This year marks the 34th annual Atlantic Beach Bike Fest weekend. The Memorial Day Rally started in 1980 by the Flaming Knight Riders motorcycle club. Although the majority of attendees at Atlantic Beach Bike Week are African Americans, this is an event for any race, type of bike, and whether you ride or not.

In an effort to ease the traffic and avoid traffic congestion, the North Myrtle Beach Public Works Department usually puts up traffic barricades along the east side of Hwy 17, from 27th Avenue South to 37th Avenue South.

There are tons of parties and events throughout the 5 day weekend. The hotels are jam packed full of revelers and you can smell the BBQ grilling. Each year is different and many people spend their entire year waiting for this event, anxious to attend the multitude of concerts, parties, contests,and fashion shows.

Click here for comprehensive information on the official site of the Atlantic Beach Bikefest.

Atlantic Beach Bikefest

Military Appreciation Month In Myrtle Beach

Fallen but not forgotten

May has been National Military Appreciation Month since 1999. Through this celebration our nation has been given the opportunity to publicly demonstrate appreciation for the sacrifices and successes made by the wonderful past and present service members.

There is probably no better month than May to dedicate to the noble task of expressing appreciation for the Military. The month is marked by many special days selected to celebrate or commemorate specific military achievements:
  • Loyalty Day - May 1, was established in 1921 and it was set aside for the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for the recognition of the heritage of American freedom;
  • Victory in Europe (VE) Day  - celebrated on May 8th, 1945 to mark Germany's unconditional surrender of its armed forces, thus marking the end of World War II in Europe;
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day - established in 1984 and celebrated on the Friday before Mother's Day (on May 8 this year), recognizes the profound importance of spouse commitment to the readiness and well-being of military members;
  • Armed Forces Day - celebrated on the third Saturday in May (May 17 this year), was created in 1949 to honor Americans serving in the five U.S. military branches – the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard – following the consolidation of the military services in the U.S. Department of Defense;
  • Memorial Day - observed on the last Monday of May (on May 26 this year), commemorates all men and women who have died in military service for the United States.
We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.
By Moina Michael, 1915

Each year on Memorial Day, the White House Commission on Remembrance promotes one minute of silence at 3 p.m. local time to honor the military's fallen comrades and to pay tribute to the sacrifices by the nation's service members and veterans.

Proper Flag Etiquette
The Proper Flag Etiquette For Memorial Day

Our flag is a source of pride and inspiration and it deserves a certain amount of respect. On Memorial Day, the flag is flown at half-staff only until noon. The proper way to hoist a flag to half-staff is to draw it all the way to the top of the pole and then lower it to half-staff. Some people like to display flags 24 hours a day, year round.  Flag etiquette states that the flag, if displayed at night, should be properly illuminated and taken in during foul weather.

Military Appreciation Days in Myrtle Beach

Many local restaurants and attractions are offering discounts and specials to active military, veterans and their families. Myrtle Beach hosted a half scale replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall dedicated to the 58,000 men and women killed or missing in that conflict. The replica was stationed at the Crabtree Memorial Gymnasium at Market Commons.

People are welcome Saturday, May 24 to attend the 5k Run/Walk on Ocean Boulevard from Plyler Park, at Mr. Joe White Avenue, and including the boardwalk. The event is free for active military, reserves, and veterans; $20 fee for civilians. There will be a Family Picnic the same Saturday, complete with activities for the kids, military exhibits and live music, and the Andrew Thielen Big Band free concert.

The most important event of the day is the Myrtle Beach Memorial Day Parade with Marine and Navy veteran and former talk show host Montel Williams as Grand Marshal of the parade.

The final event of the month is the Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday, May 26, 2014 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center Plaza on Oak Street at 21st Avenue North.  For more details and a full list of events, specials, and discounts visit www.militaryappreciationdays.com/discounts.html or call (843) 918-1014.

Enjoy one of our privately owned North Myrtle Beach vacation rental homes, luxury villas or oceanfront condos with up to 15% off July rentals booked by June 4. Call today (866) 249-2100 and our friendly guest services team will be happy to answer your questions, make suggestions, and help you reserve your beach vacations.

Have a Memorable Mother's Day In Myrtle Beach

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day so it's the perfect time to have a special celebration with your mom! 100 years ago President Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation to declare Mother's Day a national holiday. Mother's Day is a day of joy and recognition of the most selfless love, passion and dedication. Mothers are the superheroes, with the most challenging and the most rewarding job in the world.

Mother's Day requires a remarkable way to celebrate her. Take this chance to give back to the woman who gave so much to you. Take a few days off the daily routine and bring her to the Myrtle Beach area. There are so many activities to choose from and it's easy to find the ones that mom will love. Take her shopping, dancing or treat her to brunch. When it comes to mom, the sky is the limit!

Stroll on the Beach at Cherry Grove

Start the day with a stroll on the beach in Cherry Grove. What could be more relaxing than a barefoot walk along a sandy beach? Then check the historic Cherry Grove fishing pier and enjoy the amazing view of the ocean and the beach with all the beach homes and tall resorts stretching to the horizon.
Cherry Grove Pier

Dolphin Watch Boat Rides

Dolphin watch tours are very popular and offer gratifying memories. Dolphin watch tours are the best way to truly experience the natural wonder of these wild sea creatures as you glide along the Grand Strand's beaches. Be sure to bring your camera! It is always a good idea to make reservations 24 hours in advance! Visit this page for a comprehensive list of companies offering dolphin watch tours.
Myrtle Beach Dolphin Watch Tours

Mother’s Day Spa

A day at the spa is a perfect Mother's Day gift for the mom who needs relaxation or pampering. A glass of champagne prior to the spa treatment is definitely not a bad idea. Many of these places offer specials or discounts for Mother's Day. You also can check out these places in North Myrtle Beach.
Myrtle Beach Mother's Day Spa


The shows played in the theaters across the Grand Strand are a wonderful complement for a special day at the beach. Indulge your mom with any of the multitude of shows, music, dance, comedy, dinner theater, or celebrity concerts. Here is a list of the Myrtle Beach area venues, including live theater, dinner shows, variety shows, concert halls, and movie theaters.
Myrtle Beach - Carolina Opry - All That Show

Go on a Shopping Spree

If there’s one thing Myrtle Beach area does not lack, it’s the opportunity to shop 'til you drop. With amazing designer stores, shopping centers and outlet malls, this is a true shopper’s paradise. Keep these tips in mind if you want to find the perfect Mother’s Day present: keep it fun, keep it useful, show your love.
  • North Myrtle Beach Main Street - the pedestrian-friendly Main Street is the perfect canvas for a Mother's Day special shopping experience in locally-owned, independent businesses.
North Myrtle Beach Main Street
  •  Barefoot Landing - located in North Myrtle Beach, it is one of the Grand Strand’s most famous shopping and entertainment complexes.
  • Myrtle Beach Mall - it is home to bath and body shops, department stores, jewelers, home stores and many more. It’s a great spot if your mom needs a little retail therapy.
  • Broadway at the Beach - it is home to some of the best shopping, dining and attractions. There's even a mini golf course, movie theater and sprawling lake on the grounds.
Broadway at the Beach Shopping Center
  • Coastal Grand Mall - offers more than 100 stores, national chains, as well as countless local shops. The food court and movie theater are great additions to this shopping venue.
  • Tanger Outlets - there are two convenient Tanger Outlets locations, off Highway 501 heading into town and one on Highway 17. Each outlet center holds over 100 brand name outlets with some of the best deals and steals on the Grand Strand.
  • The Market Commons - it is one of Myrtle Beach’s newest shopping centers with a unique village setting.
Myrtle Beach - The Market Commons

For the best value, excellent selections and exceptional customer service, THOMAS Beach Vacations can't be beat. Take your mom or even the entire family on a vacation in the Myrtle Beach area with one of our privately owned North Myrtle Beach vacation rental homes, luxury villas or oceanfront condos. Call today (866) 249-2100 and our friendly guest services team will be happy to answer your questions, make suggestions, and reserve your beach vacations.