How To Enjoy a North Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental Home With Pool

Summer and swimming go hand in hand. Beach vacation homes with pools could be your family's ideal vacation getaway in North Myrtle Beach. Some days the ocean can displays a little more energy than kids can handle, sending big waves to crash on the beach. These days are the perfect opportunity to spend time at the pool and enjoy your own oasis at the beach!. The entire family can bask in the sunshine and cool off in the clear water right in the privacy of the rental beach house, free from the crowds. A vacation home with pool is safer than the louder, crowded hotel pools, allowing you to enjoy your time with your children without having to constantly worry.

Beach Vacation Home With Pool

Many people have learned to enjoy the best of both worlds: swim in the Atlantic ocean then return home for a quick plunge in the backyard pool. Thomas Beach Vacations offers many beach rental properties with pools in North Myrtle Beach (click here to see our list of beach vacation rentals with pools), but you have to hurry, as these vacation homes book quickly.

While focusing on having a great time, it is also  important to keep the children safe during the beach vacation. There is no such thing as being too cautious when  it comes to the safety of your children, so keep a few basic safety tips in mind before letting the children loose in the pool:
  • Have at least one adult supervising at all times and if you have rented a multi-family beach house with other friends, maintain a good ratio of adults to children. Make sure the adult who keeps an eye on the pool is not a thrill seeker who'll push the kids to take risks;
  • Keep the weaker swimmers on the shallow end and make sure they don't chase balls or other toys toward the deep end;
  • Don't use friends' swimsuits or gear. Personal items can carry harmful germs;
  • Do not allow rough play and no horseplay in and around the pool. Pushing, splashing and other boisterous play can easily get out of hand. It may also be hard to distinguish between squeals of delight and screams of panic;
  • Do not rely too much on inner tubes, noodles or other floating devices. They are just toys, not safety devices.
Child Safety in the Pool

There are many safe and enjoyable games to play with kids in the pool. Having a range of great pool toys on hand adds even more activities to the mix. With a few basic safety precautions and adult supervision, children can have fun for hours on end in the pool. Here are some family-friendly pool games that are sure to please the kids. So grab those goggles and water wings and remember, house rules apply.
  • Marco Polo - a pool game like hide and seek with a twist: the seeker has to keep his or her eyes closed while trying to find the other players only by the sound of their splashing and voices. The seeker has a secret weapon: when he or she says "Marco," all of the other players have to reply "Polo," so he or she will know where they are. The first Polo caught becomes Marco in the next round;
  • Sharks and Minnows - one person is the shark, and the rest of the players are minnows. The shark camps out in the middle of the pool, and when cued, the minnows dive in and try to make it past the shark. The game's over when all of the minnows have been snagged, and the first person caught becomes the shark in the next round;
  • Dolphin beach ball race - fun and easy to play, you need two inflated beach balls. Each The players must move from one end of the pool to the other using only their noses to push the balls along as they swim. The first player to reach the end of the pool is the winner. This game is also easily adapted into a relay race;
  • Diving for treasure - this is an especially good choice if you have smaller kids who want to be included. Anything that sinks can be a treasure, just make sure the items are not sharp, they are not made of glass, and they will not stain the pool surface. "Bury" some treasures in the shallow end for the little kids. Make it easier for small children by providing swim goggles and fins. The game doesn't even have to be a competition if you have enough treasure for everyone who's playing;
  • Pool basketball - use a poolside basketball hoop or improvise with a plastic trash can. If you have two hoops, you can play "full court," otherwise just play "half court" games. You might want to have a rule that players can only hold onto the ball for five seconds before they have to either shoot or pass;
  • Pool volleyball - a net or even a string stretched across the pool can quickly turn it into a volleyball court. Divide into teams, and use an inflated beach ball as a volley ball. Switch back and forth so each team gets to use the shallow end and no one team is treading water at the deep end for the entire game.
Vacation Rentals with Pools

Here is a comprehensive list of beach vacation rentals with pools in North Myrtle Beach, beautiful vacation beach house with fabulous pool, gorgeous panoramic views, conveniently located a short walk to the beach. Rent one of these beach houses and relax poolside, work on your tan, and enjoy the refreshing water whenever you want.


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