Myrtle Beach Spring Bike Rally 2014

This spring we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the nation’s fourth oldest biker rally, the original Myrtle Beach bike rally. The Rally started in May 1940 when North Carolina bikers rode to Myrtle Beach to drag race with South Carolina bikers. This year is set to be a record breaker. The events include two rallies spread over three weekends:

  • Harley-Davidson Rally: May 9-18, 2014, with events scattered across the Grand Strand from North Myrtle Beach to Murrells Inlet;
  • Atlantic Beach Bikefest: takes place over Memorial Day weekend May 23-26, 2014, with the largest concentration of the traffic focused on the Atlantic Beach area.

The main dealership, Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson, located at 4710 S. Kings Hwy. in Myrtle Beach, hosts it’s annual “Crusin’ The Coast” Spring Bike Rally between May 12-18.
Click here for a detailed list of Myrtle Beach Spring Bile Rallies events and locations.

Harley Davidson

This year marks more than just a record participation. For the first time the riding crowd is younger, with guys that are 20-21 years old hanging out with biker-veterans in their 70s. Another remarkable aspect: bikers are no longer taking Hwy 31 to ride from Murrells Inlet to North Myrtle Beach, venturing their Harleys directly through Myrtle Beach instead. Their presence in the heart of Myrtle Beach delights many business owners, and they are happy to welcome them into their stores.

Bike Rally Popular Locations

Here are a few major venues for the Harley Davidson Rally, hosting some of the most important events of the rally:

Bikers Myrtle Beach
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Weather Forecast

On average, the month of May is characterized by rising daily high temperatures, with daily highs increasing from 76°F to 82°F over the course of the month, exceeding 89°F or dropping below 69°F only one day in ten (source:
weather forecast bike week

Atlantic Beach Bikefest

This year marks the 34th annual Atlantic Beach Bike Fest weekend. The Memorial Day Rally started in 1980 by the Flaming Knight Riders motorcycle club. Although the majority of attendees at Atlantic Beach Bike Week are African Americans, this is an event for any race, type of bike, and whether you ride or not.

In an effort to ease the traffic and avoid traffic congestion, the North Myrtle Beach Public Works Department usually puts up traffic barricades along the east side of Hwy 17, from 27th Avenue South to 37th Avenue South.

There are tons of parties and events throughout the 5 day weekend. The hotels are jam packed full of revelers and you can smell the BBQ grilling. Each year is different and many people spend their entire year waiting for this event, anxious to attend the multitude of concerts, parties, contests,and fashion shows.

Click here for comprehensive information on the official site of the Atlantic Beach Bikefest.

Atlantic Beach Bikefest

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