Tips For a Successful North Myrtle Beach Vacation With Your Pet

I have always loved the concept of "no ... (fill in the blanks) left behind!" In my case, this is especially true about Fido, my dog. I never go on vacation, no matter how short or long, close or far, without him. Some consider him a pet, I think of him as part of the family, a perception shared by all my kids. Since vacations are special times to enjoy with the family, we make sure he is always around when we enjoy our hard-earned few days of sun basking on the beach.

Happy dog on the beach

Some trips to the beach with Fido around were challenging, to put it mildly. It took us time to learn a few important things about vacationing with a pet. Thomas Beach Vacations rents out many pet-friendly beach vacation homes so I have decided to share my experience with you. You will, hopefully, save a few headaches next time you bring your whisker or paw with you on vacation down to North Myrtle Beach.

The key to having a great summer vacation at the beach with your pet is learning in advance the local ordinances regulating the presence of dogs on the beach. All four beaches in North Myrtle Beach: Windy Hill, Crescent Beach, Ocean Drive, and Cherry Grove, share the same list of rules:
  • Pets are permitted on the beach from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. between May 15 - September 15;
  • Leash law is in effect at all times; maximum leash length is 7 feet;
  • Pet owners must pick up and properly dispose of pet waste.

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The good news is that pet waste disposal bags are offered pretty much everywhere across North Myrtle Beach. While on vacation here, you can enjoy a walk with your dog on the beach during early morning hours or during late evenings. Things are a little bit different in Myrtle Beach, though:
  • Pets are not allowed on the beaches or Ocean Boulevard between 21st Avenue North to 13th Avenue South at any time;
  • Pets also are not allowed to be walked on any public beach in Myrtle Beach between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. from May 1 through Labor Day.
Barefoot Landing is a very popular shopping area in North Myrtle Beach. Many visitors spend hours or even an entire day there and the pets are most welcome on a leash. Several restaurants encourage patrons to dine with their pets in outside seating areas.

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Take a minute to review a few tips that will make the beach vacation more enjoyable for you and for your dog:
  • Have your pet get a check up before you leave on vacation to ensure all vaccinations are up to date and the animal is in good health;
  • Pack a portable water bowl and make sure your pet is well hydrated at all times;
  • Make frequent stops if you travel by car and let your pet get some fresh air and exercise;
  • Bring several familiar toys and treats for your pet. This will keep your pet occupied, and remind him or her of home;
  • Use a beach towel to help your dog rest in the shade to avoid becoming overheated. Even a trimmed fur coat gets hot in the summer sun;
  • If your dog has short hair, it might not be a bad idea to use some sun screen on him or her, too. Pets are prone to sun burn just like humans;
  • Beware of the hot sand. If the sand is too hot for your feet, chances are it’s also hot enough to burn your dog’s paw pads;
  • Make sure your dog is on his leash before you get out of the car. Many drivers are too busy looking for a parking spot to see your dog in time for avoiding an accident. Plus, leash regulations are enforced;
  • Be considerate of other people. Even if your pet is well-behaved, you never know how an animal will react in public. Some people, especially children, are afraid of animals;
  • Be aware of other animals on the beach;
  • Keep a close eye on your dog in case exhaustion begins to set in, either in the water or while running along the sand. Never leave your dog in the water unsupervised;
  • Do not simply bury your dog's waste in the sand. There are trash cans everywhere, even on the beach;
  • Rinse your dog off well before heading back to the car to protect their fur. Avoid ear infections by giving the insides of the ears a quick wipe to remove excess water.

Happy Lab

In case of any warning signs of trouble, call the Animal Hospital of North Myrtle Beach located at 2501 Hwy 17 S, phone: 843-272-8121 or On Point Animal Hospital located at 4012 Highway 17 S, phone 843-663-5300. Here is a list of additional veterinarians in the North Myrtle Beach and Little River areas.

By following these simple tips, you and your pet will enjoy your vacation at the beach and you will build long-lasting, happy memories together. Planning a pet-friendly trip to the beach? Click to see our list of pet-friendly vacation rentals in the North Myrtle Beach area.

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  1. Did you mean dogs are NOT permitted on the beach 9 am to 5 pm May-Sept?