A Visit to Historical Georgetown, South Carolina

While on vacation in North Myrtle Beach, I broke routine and took my family to Georgetown on a quick escape from the bustle foot traffic and craziness of a crowded weekend. There's no denying, tradition and tumultuous history is at the heart of Georgetown, a small time-honored town at the southern end of the Grand Strand. Located only 38 miles south of Myrtle Beach, Georgetown is a special historical landmark, the third oldest city and the second largest seaport of South Carolina which some call mini Charleston.
Georgetown - Street Restaurants

My family and I enjoyed the laid-back delights of the walkable historic part of Georgetown. The district is a place where art galleries, antique boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, and mom-and-pop stores still make it a go-to destination for those who savor village charm. Locals are friendly,  and each of them extol the joys of living in Georgetown.
Georgetown - Store front

Georgetown - street chairs

I am truly impressed by how the community has rallied with invigorated energy to revive and preserve Georgetown's history and its landmarks. A mere few years ago, the historical downtown looked deserted, with old buildings looking run down, a dusted grey spot on the parchment of time. The area is now colorful, elegant, filled with welcoming people greeting visitors with large smiles and renewed hopes. Historical downtown Georgetown is not about business anymore, it is about tradition, rich history and proud preservation.
Georgetown - Restaurant

The area dynamics are incredible, considering its population of only 9,000 people stretched over only 7.2 square miles. Georgetown has experienced many ups and downs that triggered economic diversity, dwindling away from the rice culture of the past to lumber export, to the world's largest Kraft paper mill in 1942, to commercial fishing and tourism.
Georgetown - boats

Georgetown - tourism and boats

In its long and colorful history, the city has seen many changes. Georgetown is the probable site of the first European settlement in North America in 1526. The city was officially founded in 1729 and bears the name of King George II of Great Britain. According to the city's official website: "Georgetown played an active role in the American Revolution by sending Thomas Lynch, Sr. and Thomas Lynch, Jr. to the Continental Congress where the younger was a signer of the Declaration of Independence."
Georgetown - the tower

If you decide to enjoy your summer vacation on the Grand Strand, book your oceanfront condo with Thomas Beach Vacations and take your family to Georgetown's historical downtown and  travel back to glorious times of courageous beginnings, endurance, and victorious come-backs.
Georgetown - historical site

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  1. Georgetown is a best place for history lovers. I also like to see such kinds of sights all over the world. I visited this tour after completing my Boston to NY bus tour. It is also known as the third oldest city of United States. This city is a best place to know about the history of USA. A lot of churches are located in this city.