Go Ape to Live Life Adventurously in North Myrtle Beach

Some people are adrenaline seekers, thrilled by amazing rides. Others are simply in love with nature, looking for natural trails and difficult climbs. But what if you can combine the two? That is exactly what North Myrtle Beach has amazingly achieved with Go Ape, South Carolina’s first Zip Line and Treetop Adventure course.

Located just minutes from the popular Grand Strand, Go Ape's six-acre adventure ground is set within the newly opened North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex, although far from being a typical park addition. The course takes you a few times across a 25-acre clear blue lake on the Southeast side of the park.  The views are simply stunning as you zip over the water from one side of the lake to the next.

The course, which takes a couple hours to complete, takes young or old through five different zip lines, nine ladders and about 40 obstacles, as well as Tarzan swings with names like Spider Web, Zigzag Bridge, Flying Carpet and Jungle Crossing to test your strength both mentally and physically.

Remember that old tree house you used to climb in the back yard when you were a kid? That was maybe a simple warm up for the amazing zip line that sweeps you across the forest canopy and ending with a spectacular crash into a giant net. How's that for feeling like Tarzan for a moment?

We all know that even Johnny Weissmuller practiced before shooting for Tarzan, so before you get equipped with harnesses, pulleys and carabiners, you receive a 30-minute safety crash course and training. Then, you can get your adrenaline pumping, free to fly on zip lines, swing through the trees, tap into your inner ape and monkey around.

I found Go Ape North Myrtle Beach Site Manager Evan Dwyer working hard on a hot Sunday afternoon. He stopped for a minute to talk with me and excitedly shared his enthusiasm and joy over the opening of the new course. He kindly offered me a few technical details. Evan assured me that you may be hanging in the trees, but you are not lost in the forest, since instructors are always on hand, regularly patrolling the course. You have to be 4'7'' and 10 years-old or older to participate in Go Ape. Also, if you are not 18 years of age, you have to be supervised by an adult. Please say "hi" if you happen to see the assiduous Evan Dwyer around the adventure course.

The Go Ape Treetop Adventure course in North Myrtle Beach is an excellent al fresco activity for families, friends and groups. South Carolina’s first treetop and zip line course will open August 30.

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Trippo - The Premier Water Slide in North Myrtle Beach

He took the final step up the ladder, hesitantly, eyes wide open, browsing the beach left and right for familiar faces. Nobody was there to hold his hand when he sat down at the top of the slide, with the cold water flowing down by his side. That was the beauty of it: to find the inner strength and face the challenge! He closed his eyes and boldly let himself slide, with a final gasp. ... The unknown welcomed him with joy and a huge splash.

My son has just tamed the beast, the giant "Trippo," a huge inflatable water slide placed for the summer in North Myrtle Beach. This was his first ride on a giant inflatable water slide and he enjoyed every moment of it, just like many other kids on the beach—judging by the long line of children anxiously waiting to climb up the back of the giant.

And what a climb it is...standing 40-feet tall, Trippo needs the brave sliders to climb many tall stairs before getting a chance to glide down one of its three 170-foot long shuts. The blue giant, strategically set up on the beach between 1st and 2nd Avenues South in North Myrtle Beach, is open daily between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day, from 10:30 a.m.- 4 p.m.

I will always remember the look on my son's face after he got off the chute on his first slide down the Trippo. I only saw that look in a movie with Cervantes' Don Quijote de la Mancha after the ingenious gentleman won the battle with the mean dragon—in his mind, a mere windmill for the rest of us, simple paysans. My son was excited and proud, ready to try it again... and again... and again. ...

There are few things contributing more to a successful family vacation than happy children, getting excited and burning out their energy on the beach. That's exactly what my son did, climbing up the Trippo's stairs, sliding down the curved shuts on the side or catching up speed on the main one, rotating on his back or gliding on his belly, just to end at the bottom in a big, happy splash.

If you happen to be in North Myrtle Beach, let your children experience Trippo. It is well worth the $3/ride or the $20/day wristband for unlimited rides. Tickets and wristbands are available a few feet away, at Ocean Park. For a perfect beach vacation, choose one of our oceanfront vacation rentals from our large selection here and add unforgettable memories to your family trip at the beach with Trippo.

Experience the Ultimate Fondue Effect at The Melting Pot Restaurant in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is... Well, it has never been easy for me to finish this sentence since my experience here has always been so rich, colorful, intense and vibrant. Another adjective has made its way through lately, and that is "tasteful!" A visit to the Myrtle Beach area is delicious any time of the year. One thing is for sure: Myrtle Beach is taking food very seriously.

A defining aspect of the Grand Strand dining scene is its endless variety. From the mom-and-pop restaurants on Main Street North Myrtle Beach to the upscale places of Murrells Inlet or Pawleys Island where condiments like ketchup are a sacrilege. This area can satisfy any gourmet's fine palate.

I have been looking recently for a relaxing dining place to spend some quality family dinner time so I decided to try The Melting Pot in Myrtle Beach. I've learned about the place from a good friend who was absolutely convinced my experience there would be memorable. He was spot on. So here I am, excited to share with you that experience.

Normally, I tend not to be impressed with restaurants, especially while on vacation. This time though, as soon as I went in I became aware of The Melting Pot's charming and intimate atmosphere. The Melting Pot was the perfect place to reconnect with my family, with its dim lights, ambiance and love songs playing in the background. If you look in the dictionary for the definition of a polite and knowledgeable person you'll see the picture of our server. He took his time to explain the menu in detail and never rushed us through the fondue experience.

You can order 1-3 or more courses. We chose the 4-course experience: cheese fondue, salad, entree and chocolate fondue.

Cheese Fondue

The Melting Pot - Cheese Fondue

Of the 4 choices of cheese, I chose the Melting Pot Cheddar Cheese fondue, which is prepared tableside. The cheddar cheese fondue was served with artisan breads, apples and seasonal vegetables for dipping. Mmmm, mmmm, delicious!


The Melting Pot - Salad

We had 3 salad options, but we stuck with what we knew and had the Caesar salad. The kids enjoyed the salad, even openly admitting how much they loved it, a thing I don't hear too often from them when it comes to salads.


The Melting Pot - Entree

The Melting Pot - the Entree

At the Melting Pot, you also get an opportunity to cook your meat. The restaurant has everything from ravioli to filet mignon. We ordered the "Land and Sea" meal with premium filet mignon, herb-crusted chicken, and Pacific white shrimp. We cooked our Seasoned Court Bouillon entree at the table, and fresh seasoned vegetable broth, recommended by our server. It was served with seasonal vegetables: mushrooms, potatoes, and broccoli and the signature dipping sauces.

Chocolate Fondue

The Melting Pot - Chocolate Fondue

Our chocolate fondue came with fresh strawberries, blondies, bananas, pineapple, cheesecake, Rice Krispy treats, marshmallows, pound cake and brownies. We chose the "Pure Chocolate" fondue - milk chocolate melted to perfection.

I can honestly say that this was one of the best dining experiences I've had the last 10 years I've been visiting the Myrtle Beach area. At The Melting Pot, it all seems to be about making the guest feel welcome and leave the restaurant with an unforgettable dining experience. In the end, I have to give credit to my friend who recommended the restaurant: It truly was a pleasant and unforgettable experience.