Go Ape to Live Life Adventurously in North Myrtle Beach

Some people are adrenaline seekers, thrilled by amazing rides. Others are simply in love with nature, looking for natural trails and difficult climbs. But what if you can combine the two? That is exactly what North Myrtle Beach has amazingly achieved with Go Ape, South Carolina’s first Zip Line and Treetop Adventure course.

Located just minutes from the popular Grand Strand, Go Ape's six-acre adventure ground is set within the newly opened North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex, although far from being a typical park addition. The course takes you a few times across a 25-acre clear blue lake on the Southeast side of the park.  The views are simply stunning as you zip over the water from one side of the lake to the next.

The course, which takes a couple hours to complete, takes young or old through five different zip lines, nine ladders and about 40 obstacles, as well as Tarzan swings with names like Spider Web, Zigzag Bridge, Flying Carpet and Jungle Crossing to test your strength both mentally and physically.

Remember that old tree house you used to climb in the back yard when you were a kid? That was maybe a simple warm up for the amazing zip line that sweeps you across the forest canopy and ending with a spectacular crash into a giant net. How's that for feeling like Tarzan for a moment?

We all know that even Johnny Weissmuller practiced before shooting for Tarzan, so before you get equipped with harnesses, pulleys and carabiners, you receive a 30-minute safety crash course and training. Then, you can get your adrenaline pumping, free to fly on zip lines, swing through the trees, tap into your inner ape and monkey around.

I found Go Ape North Myrtle Beach Site Manager Evan Dwyer working hard on a hot Sunday afternoon. He stopped for a minute to talk with me and excitedly shared his enthusiasm and joy over the opening of the new course. He kindly offered me a few technical details. Evan assured me that you may be hanging in the trees, but you are not lost in the forest, since instructors are always on hand, regularly patrolling the course. You have to be 4'7'' and 10 years-old or older to participate in Go Ape. Also, if you are not 18 years of age, you have to be supervised by an adult. Please say "hi" if you happen to see the assiduous Evan Dwyer around the adventure course.

The Go Ape Treetop Adventure course in North Myrtle Beach is an excellent al fresco activity for families, friends and groups. South Carolina’s first treetop and zip line course will open August 30.

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