Trippo - The Premier Water Slide in North Myrtle Beach

He took the final step up the ladder, hesitantly, eyes wide open, browsing the beach left and right for familiar faces. Nobody was there to hold his hand when he sat down at the top of the slide, with the cold water flowing down by his side. That was the beauty of it: to find the inner strength and face the challenge! He closed his eyes and boldly let himself slide, with a final gasp. ... The unknown welcomed him with joy and a huge splash.

My son has just tamed the beast, the giant "Trippo," a huge inflatable water slide placed for the summer in North Myrtle Beach. This was his first ride on a giant inflatable water slide and he enjoyed every moment of it, just like many other kids on the beach—judging by the long line of children anxiously waiting to climb up the back of the giant.

And what a climb it is...standing 40-feet tall, Trippo needs the brave sliders to climb many tall stairs before getting a chance to glide down one of its three 170-foot long shuts. The blue giant, strategically set up on the beach between 1st and 2nd Avenues South in North Myrtle Beach, is open daily between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day, from 10:30 a.m.- 4 p.m.

I will always remember the look on my son's face after he got off the chute on his first slide down the Trippo. I only saw that look in a movie with Cervantes' Don Quijote de la Mancha after the ingenious gentleman won the battle with the mean dragon—in his mind, a mere windmill for the rest of us, simple paysans. My son was excited and proud, ready to try it again... and again... and again. ...

There are few things contributing more to a successful family vacation than happy children, getting excited and burning out their energy on the beach. That's exactly what my son did, climbing up the Trippo's stairs, sliding down the curved shuts on the side or catching up speed on the main one, rotating on his back or gliding on his belly, just to end at the bottom in a big, happy splash.

If you happen to be in North Myrtle Beach, let your children experience Trippo. It is well worth the $3/ride or the $20/day wristband for unlimited rides. Tickets and wristbands are available a few feet away, at Ocean Park. For a perfect beach vacation, choose one of our oceanfront vacation rentals from our large selection here and add unforgettable memories to your family trip at the beach with Trippo.


  1. According to my point of view Myrtle Beach is a best destination for enjoying summer holidays. I also have a lot of fun there few months ago during my niagara falls trip with my family. This slide is 36 feet tall and 180 feet long. This beach also provides a lot of best activities to its visitors.

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