Tips for a Safe Treat-or-Trick Night

Halloween night is one of the most sought-after nights for children. There are many things to consider for getting everything under control, especially since children's safety is at play. Take a look at these important tips before you take your child out for the night.

Plan the route carefully - minimize the distance children have to travel by planning the best routes in advance. This way you eliminate both sore feet and frustration. Surroundings may look unfamiliar at night, presenting a risk to get lost.

Make sure the kids wear comfortable shoes - avoid high heels and double-tie the shoe laces. Tripping in the dark is not fun.

Use lots of light or reflective tape - many accidents happened because drivers could not see the children in time to avoid a disaster. Carry a flash light to light the path at all times.

Dress the children is costumes of appropriate length - it can be dangerous for children to drag their costumes on the ground at night, risking tripping. Bring the costume to an appropriate length after you purchase it so it does not touch the ground.

Pranks are not a good idea - especially on children. Scary costumes should get you far enough on Halloween, no need to add extra tension to the night. Children are much more sensitive than adults, and a bad joke might have a negative impact.

No masks if possible and avoid toxic make-up - it may be hard to breathe for a child with a mask on, not to mention, it reduces visibility, especially at night. Use only safe make-up so you don't trigger an allergic reaction or worse.

Use flexible props - rubber and plastic are much better choices for costume props. The child may like a sword or weapon, but the night is long, and the risk of injuring someone or tripping on a sharp stick should be avoided.

Check your child's candy - at the end of the night, go through the candy and remove anything that looks suspicious or it is not in its original wrapping. The child may fuss about reducing the "harvest," but safety is more important.


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